Board keeps disconnecting

I just installed the new version of the Local Blynk server-0.30.2,
everything seems to be working fine but my Arduino Uno keeps dropping out if I am sending a lot of parameters to my Virtual pins!
I created a new file within the same folder that holds my Blynk Server and changed this parameter
Is this correct or should I change the parameter within the server-0.30.2.jar directly?

Is there anything else I need to change within the when I want to send a huge amount of parameters to my Virtual Pins to prevent disconnect?

Based on my experiences, it is more related to the 0.5.0 library… I find it not as forgiving, particularly with WiFi congestion (probably due to less tolerance to data dropout??).

In some use cases I reverted back to 0.4.8 Library, but generally I am just waiting for further Library updates to see if they help.

You could revert back (Library - not server) and test to compare if it is the same for you or not.

Editing in is correct… you can also set these on an individual project level with sketch commands… for example in one of mine…

// Tweek numbers to match needs... don't just max them out.
#define BLYNK_MSG_LIMIT 1024
#define BLYNK_NO_BUILTIN  // Disable Apps built-in analog & digital pin operations. Using vPin only
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Thanks, this info is of great help!! I did not know that it is possible to set those properties within the sketch itself!!

The dropout is kind of weird, because I chose to connect my Arduino via LAN to be more safe for disconnects, still I am having this issue…I will check my library version!!

God bless You, @Gunner! I was scratching my head and pulling hairs out while wondering WHAT on earth HAS changed, as earlier sending data to server were taking not more than half of a second, and then - after (in my opinion) cleaning up the code it takes more than a second! So, after reading this I immediately reverted back to 0.4.8 and… YES, YES, YES! It takes some quarter of a second now! For me it was very important, as the device (boiler) is constantly queried at 1,5s interval, even though data is send in 6s or 1min interval. Once more: thanks!
But at the end: WHAT HAS HAPPENED in library, that it takes so much longer to send data in it’s current version??? @vshymanskyy