Bme280 two

how to make a virtual pin for two bme280 sensors ??
and how to send two bme280 sensor data to the blynk application ??

Sensors need to be attached to physical pins on your board.
You can take readings and push the results to widgets connected to virtual pins.


That’s helpless on SPI/i2c connected devices/sensors.
Those are read out via virtual Pins.

If you connect more then 1 of those sensors/devices, you have to adress them seperated. The question in here is not realy Blynk related. It’s more Adafruit_BMP280.h-lib related.

take a look at this link to get an idea on how to read out two bme280s

or this

i’m not a coder and i did not tested this… but as far as i know, it should also be possible with standard adafruit-lib