BlynkGSM_Manager + AsyncWebServer => Blynk_Async_GSM_Manager


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Why do we need this new Async Blynk_Async_GSM_Manager library

  • Using asynchronous network means that you can handle more than one connection at the same time
  • You are called once the request is ready and parsed
  • When you send the response, you are immediately ready to handle other connections while the server is taking care of sending the response in the background
  • Speed is OMG
  • Easy to use API, HTTP Basic and Digest MD5 Authentication (default), ChunkedResponse
  • Easily extensible to handle any type of content
  • Supports Continue 100
  • Async WebSocket plugin offering different locations without extra servers or ports
  • Async EventSource (Server-Sent Events) plugin to send events to the browser
  • URL Rewrite plugin for conditional and permanent url rewrites
  • ServeStatic plugin that supports cache, Last-Modified, default index and more
  • Simple template processing engine to handle templates

By design, Blynk user can run ESP32/ESP8266 boards with either WiFi or GSM/GPRS by using different sketches, and have to upload / update firmware to change. This library enables user to include both Blynk GSM/GPRS and WiFi libraries in one sketch, run both WiFi and GSM/GPRS simultaneously, or select one to use at runtime after reboot.

This is also a Blynk and WiFiManager Library, now using ESPAsyncWebServer library instead of (ESP8266)WebServer, for configuring/auto(re)connecting ESP8266/ESP32 modules to the available MultiWiFi APs and MultiBlynk servers at runtime. Connection is with or without SSL. Configuration data to be saved in either LittleFS / SPIFFS or EEPROM. Default Credentials as well as Dynamic custom parameters can be added and modified easily without coding knowledge. DoubleResetDetector is used to force Config Portal opening even if the Credentials are still valid.

  • This is the new library, adding to the current Blynk_Async_WiFiManager. It’s designed to help you eliminate hardcoding your Blynk credentials in ESP32 and ESP8266 boards using GSM shield (SIM800, SIM900, etc).

  • You can update GSM Modem and Blynk Credentials, by using DRD, any time you need to change via Configure Portal. Data are saved in LittleFS / SPIFFS or configurable locations in EEPROM.

New recent features:

  • Optional default Credentials as well as Dynamic parameters to be optionally autoloaded into Config Portal to use or change instead of manually input.
  • DoubleDetectDetector feature to force Config Portal when double reset is detected within predetermined time, default 10s.
  • Configurable Config Portal Title to be either HostName, BoardName or default undistinguishable names.
  • Examples are redesigned to separate Credentials / Defines / Dynamic Params / Code so that you can change Credentials / Dynamic Params quickly for each device.
  • Multiple WiFi Credentials (SSID, Password) and system will autoconnect to the best and available WiFi SSID.
  • Multiple Blynk Credentials (Server, Token) and system will autoconnect to the available Blynk Servers.

Releases v1.0.10

  1. Initial coding to use (ESP)AsyncWebServer instead of (ESP8266)WebServer.
  2. Bump up to v1.0.10 to sync with BlynkGSM_Manager library v1.0.10.

Link to the BlynkGSM_Manager Library

How to migrate from BlynkGSM_Manager library

For ESP32-based boards

In your code, just replacing

  1. BlynkSimpleTinyGSM_M.h with BlynkSimpleTinyGSM_Async_M.h
  2. BlynkSimpleEsp32_GSM_WF.h with BlynkSimpleEsp32_GSM_Async_WF.h
  3. BlynkSimpleEsp32_GSM_WFM.h with BlynkSimpleEsp32_GSM_Async_WFM.h

For ESP8266-based boards

In your code, just replacing

  1. BlynkSimpleTinyGSM_M.h with BlynkSimpleTinyGSM_Async_M.h
  2. BlynkSimpleEsp8266_GSM_WF.h with BlynkSimpleEsp8266_GSM_Async_WF.h
  3. BlynkSimpleEsp8266_GSM_WFM.h with BlynkSimpleEsp8266_GSM_Async_WFM.h