Blynk2.0 - Web Dashboard - Map Widget Not Working

• Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266, WiFi
• iPhone XR, iOS 14.6
• Blynk2.0 cloud server
• Blynk Library version 1.0.0

HI Guys,

Testing Blynk 2.0 at the moment, I have a basic project with a physical LED and button connected to the Wemos. The template (project) has LED and Button widgets. Press the Button widget = physical LED on. Press the physical Button = LED Widget on. So far so good.

I also added a Map Widget to the Mobile Template, works perfect.

But . . . When I add the Map Widget to the Web Dashboard, it does not display the location data from the Mobile device.

In the Web Dashboard setup I have created a Location Datastream and assigned to pin V35.

In the Mobile Dashboard when I select the Map Widget, then select Datastream, pin V35 is not visible (it is in the Web Dashboard, but not Mobile). The only Datastreams visible are for the LED and Button Widgets.

I’ve enabled Metadata, and added WidgetMap myMap(V35); to my sketch.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?


Hey Bill, have you read this:


Thnx @PeteKnight , hadn’t seen it . . . as you mentioned in your earlier summary, the Web Dashboard has a LONG way to go yet before it comes anywhere near the mobile version . . .

"Real-time updates for the map are not yet implemented. Will be implemented soon as well."

So far so good with the basic mobile app versions, I’ll spend a bit of time getting familiar with the environment then gradually port my projects over to the new Blynk.

BTW what are we calling it? New Blynk? Blynk 2.0? Blynk IOT? Blynk 3.1.1(1)? . . .

I definitely think we need either a separate forum, or at the very least an agreed category that we can all use.


Well, I guess it should be Blynk.something, but take your pick…

Agreed, but I’m afraid I don’t have the access rights to do that.
@Pavel what are the plans for this?


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@Bill_Donnelly Realtime updates for the map (on web) are already implemented and deployed.

However, the issue when you can’t select the data stream on the mobile is another bug. Will be fixed soon as well.

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