Blynk + Z-Wave

Hey Guys!
I was just wondering, is it possible to make blynk work with Z-Wave devices via arduino??
Please advice!

Hi, currently Blynk itself does not work over Z-Wave.
However, it should be possible to install a Raspberry Pi with Z-Wave shield, and use our Node.JS client to interface with Z-Wave devices.

any way to do it on arduino?

I think it’s possible, but I’m not familiar with ZWave shields for Arduino.
Maybe someone from community can help?

Do you have a sketch that works for you (without Blynk)¿

unfortunately not, i’m searching for arduino z-wave library.
z-wave works on 908.42 MHz, so basically i can use any RF module, just need the lib.

I’m currently working on a simple python piece of code that’s able to control Fibaro ZWave wall plugs. Once done, I will interface it with Blynk.

Any help is welcome.

Stay tuned.

You need OpenZWave. It has a python wrapper if needed.