Blynk without Internet connection


I am planning a project for school and I am using esp 8266. The procejt works only when i have an network connecton . Is there anyway it can work with just a wife router and no internet

All help appriciated.


Hello, yes. But you have to install Local Blynk Server (that will be within your wifi router). Installing is very easy. It wont take you more than 15 minutes.

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Thankyou for the fast replay. I am trying to create the server from the app on my device but I am getting “Sorry, server cant talk right now try again later” Am I doing something wrong?

What do you mean by that? Did you follow instructions I provided? Step-by-step?

Yes I did I opened the local server on my computer sucessfully but when I change the code in arduino and uploaded in the serial monitor I get “connecting to (ip address) 192.168.x.xx: 8442 and it just keeps repeating. On the app i entered the IP-address and I keeps saying” sorry, can talk to server right now try later"

Show me please your app custom server settings screen.

Never mind I fixed it. The problem was I was entering a wrong ip address. Thanks for your help. Now the project is sucessful. One last question. Do I need to run the java file on every computer or a one time thing?

Good =).

Do I need to run the java file on every computer or a one time thing?

One time thing. Just try to not shutdown your PC or write some auto start script in case PC was rebooted.