Blynk with ZigBee modules

know everybody how can i use Blynk with ZigBee modules for use a bigger network?
i want to create and test to control some relays with blynk but i want to use zigbee modules.
i think i need a processor like as Atmega based Board or another Processor Boards to compile Blynk Sketch and Write a sketch that manage(send and receive) between Ziigbee modules ?
so i don’t know how it possible zigbee with the Blynk, Please note here if you can help me.

which hardware i need to for that?

Thank you.
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“google is your friend”

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@Blynk_Coeur i know that but my question was about the blynk. :wink:

I think you have to control ZigBee through a Raspberry Pi but I can’t help you any more.



You are correct here @Blynk_Coeur

The ZigBee modules are serial interfaces and the OP should know how they work before trying to interface them as a Blynk connection… but as they are not officially listed as supported, it is up to the OP to figure out… which would probably mimic most other Serial connection methods.


Some nice looking ZigBee plug-ins for Node-Red. So you could connect the ZigBee module to a RPI running Node-Red and the Blynk plug-in and do it that way.


I am going to have to try out Node-Red one of these days… I feel like I am missing out on things I don’t need, but are interesting to try anyhow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS I think the OP wants to use Arduinos and ZigBee as “shield”… not really what they are designed for, and unlikely to work with Blynk in a Mesh configuration anyhow… so WiFi has all the range needed.

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That’s very good.

Please share your result if you try that.
Thank you sir @Gunner :wink:

That is very useful to use zigbee as connection.
What about support blynk these modules!? Why not!? That is amazing feauture.

I suspect that going backward into furthered support of Arduino with any form of shield is unlikely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You Right Man.

I discovered Node-Red and MQTT before Blynk thanks to @scargill, and it makes home automation so much simpler. It makes integration with systems like Amazon Alexa and Ikea Tradfti lights really easy and Peter Scargill’s ‘Big Timer’ node is perfect for scheduling tasks.
I could do most of what Nose-Red gives me in Blynk alone, but for me it’s just so much simpler with Node-Red.