Blynk with raspberry pi over bluetooth

Hello guys, blynk is awesome app, I really like it, but I didn’t find way how to talk with my raspberry pi over bluetooth. I searched across forums but didn’t find anything, it’s strange because there is bluetooth option for raspberry pi in android application. That is why I started to explore source code of blynk-library, especially bluetooth section and wrote some code to implement bluetooth for raspberry pi. I’m not really good at nodejs but here what i done: (source code)
I tested it with my rpi zero and it’s working. Please let me know if it will work four you :slight_smile:

P.S. Вижу тут много топиков на русском языке, потому продублирую на всякий случай. Не нашел как использовать blynk c raspberry pi через bluetooth, написал свою библиотеку для этого, вот решил поделиться. Если кому пригодится отпишитесь как и что :slight_smile: