Blynk with OpenHab2

Hi Blynkers,
having run quite some projects with Blynk (and also Google Home via IFTTT) I now wanted to integrate all my home automation devices into a common user interface and bring things back to the intranet (with a local Blynk server). OpenHab2 seems to be a pretty good framework to do this and expose only one channel to the outside world.

However, when I started with first steps I could not get my head around addressing Blynk via OpenHab2. It seems that it is almost too flexible, I could use cURL, Python oder Java. I am confused what would be the best way (e.g., http binding, exec binding)

Has anybody in this group worked with OpenHab2 and can share the approach and an example?

Thanks a ton,

Helo.What for exactly do you need OpenHab? Just curious.

Thanks Dmitriy!

What would help is an example item file and an example sitemap to see how I can address Blynk. Lots of people seem to have trouble gettinga PUT call working. Some say that it needs to be done via rules.

If someboy has successfully done it I would be super happy to get some help!

That’s why we replaced it with GET request :slight_smile:.

It is already done. We have eventor and webhooks.