Blynk with no pre-define token

Hi, is there a way to add the token later???

I want to sell arduino board with a program pre-installed. The user would have the controller(main board) and all the external module (controlled via rf) and the instructions on how tu download the Blynk app and witch widget to add to witch pin. The problem is that i don’t know the token that will be created so i can not insert it in the program.
Is there a way to add it later?

I think the guys here at Blynk have a business section, but I don’t know how far along that is. They may have some solutions for it, but for consumers you just have to edit the sketch and add the token manually.

Perhaps it can be done with a SD card reader on which the client can put a text file with the number in it and attach that? Or via a LCD input? But that would take some programming.

@Francois it can be done with WiFiManager


If you are going to use Blynk commercially - please email to

There are details and solutions you might be interested in.


Thanks all for your help and thank Pavel for giving the communauty such help personnally!

I do not have intention at the moment to go commercial but just selling my boards to friends since it is not my goal.

I have worked a lot and found a way to do it in such way that the end user just have to manually enter the token number via the serial interface the very first time, then the token is being stored in eeprom and recall everytime the board power is turned on, it work perfectly. I even add a way to change the token number at anytime upon request!!!