Blynk with Ethernet shield - HanRun. HR911105A 16/32 + Arduino Uno

Hi Guys,

I can make magic happen using the USB Serial off my computer, I have basically wired up a few led’s that I want to activate with a button. This works perfectly when I am off the wifi network.

Now I want to do this via ethernet, but I can’t work out how to connect the Ethernet shield - HanRun. HR911105A 16/32, that I bought from Jaycar.

Can someone point me in the right direction, step by step? Please, I am a beginner and need this help. Thanks in advance!

First, I recommend you get it working as a normal Arduino project, to get used to its functionality (and possible quirks). That’s how I learned.

Or just jump right in with the Blynk example configurator.

Hi Gunner,

Firstly thanks for responding.

These links you send through are for other ethernet shields, but nothing refers to the HanRun HR911105A 14/32 Shield that I bought.

This is what I have - (except at the bottom it says 14/32)

Can you point me in the right direction from there?

Ah, well you did say shield :wink:

Just be aware that the sticker on the socket is referring to the socket’s part number (followed by stock or date code?), not the actual device (lazy marketing). The number you want to know is the one on the chip. That said, it is probably still compatible with the links I sent you.

The Jacar link you provided does have a data sheet that shows how to hook it up to a Duinotech (AKA Arduino clone) and appears to be the same wiring as the shield, minus the CD card, So just wire it up and try those other links I provided for operation.

NOTE The data pins should be 5v compliant, but the unit itself is 3.3v.

It’s an SPI interface compatible device, use this for attaching it to your Arduino:

(you might wanna consider adding a separate powersupply).

This has worked for me fine in the past. Use the BlynkUIPEthernet library (or just select the correct includes from Arduino menu).

@Lichtsignaal Yes, good info… Strangely he had all the same info in the Jacar Link he provided… probably just didn’t look, and/or didn’t compare the pin-outs with the ones in the examples I sent him :wink:

Tbh, I just posted it, didn’t look really hard (it’s like 6am over here, LOL).

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Thank you both for your replies.

I am sorry I didn’t see the diagram on the jaycar website - the spec sheet on the other tab

I have since wired it exactly that way. I am following instructions to program this shield and not having any luck returning a valid ip address. I am using the example of dhcpaddressprinter

The shield lights up and is plugged into my router, but all that is returned is an invalid

I am starting to go crazy. I have managed to create the small project and can get it working via my pc/usb but via ethernet I am hopeless.

My range at home is>255, do you guys have any tips?

Normally family members come to me for help on their networks and pc, and now I have never felt so stupid!

Try to supply 5v to the 5v pin on the Ethernet adapter instead of using the 3.3v one. That worked for me, no guarentees though. Mine have 5v pins.

Hi Lichtsignaal

I have done that and I notice no difference… except I am now not getting a return in the serial monitor after succesfully uploading the example dhcpaddressprinter

the serial monitor is blank. Definitely connected and lights flash to indicate that it has done something.

This is incredibly frustrating and have been at it for hours. I am going to go to bed now :frowning:


Hi there.How is it going /
I have already got a new board,but i don’.t know how to change its text ,can you help me with that ?/
that is HanRun HR 911105A 12/18 .That is a LED projector with that board ,it has a place to insert the lan .
But i dont know how ?