Blynk with Bluetooth if no GSM Network aviable


i have a Project for my Camper (a Land Rover).
I want to start some things like the heater via Internet with Blynk.
This will work for me with the SIM900 Module and my Arduino Mega (no Problem).

But now my Question:
If i´m in a Area without a GSM Network, is it possible to activate the HC05 Bluetooth Module for Communication between Blynk and mit Smartphone? Or is it possible to turn it on the whole time?
Do you have some Ideas?

Thank you!


Are you using Blynk Legacy or IoT?

If Legacy, are you using the cloud servers or local server?


Hello Pete,
thank you for your fast answer.
I use the actual Blink Libary.

I’m not asking about the library, I’m asking about the app and server.

Blynk IoT (the new version) doesn’t support BT or BLE.
The Legacy (old) version did, but the cloud servers are being shut-down at the end of this year.
It is also possible to run a local Legacy server which works without internet connectivity (although there are some significant drawbacks to doing this).

Which are you using?


Oh, ok.
i use the new IoT.

Do you know, will it work in the future?
Thank you.

The developers have said that BT support may be added if a paying business customer wants it and is willing to fund the costs.
Personally I doubt that it will ever happen, and i hope that it doesn’t because it didn’t work that well in the Legacy app, and the whole concept is flawed in many ways when communication with the Blynk server can’t be established.