Blynk with Arduino + RS232 to Ethernet converter

Hi All, I have some arduinos and around 10 Wiznet modules Wix105SR, RS232 to Ethernet converters I bought some years ago to do a home automation.
Fortunately, the things go very fast and Blynk appeared. With the purpose to use these converters, my idea is to connect the Arduinos to Blynk local server in a RPi but with the serial to ethernet converters.
Any idea?

Possibly doable… WiFi and ESP is the predominant solution with Blynk.

Cnnecting Arduino via Ethernet works, but tends to be flakey (usually due to the adapters). This will be hard to do with 10 of them, but it is best to keep the connections from the adapter to the router (and then to the RPi) as direct… going through switches and hubs seems to cause many issues.

For further info, you will need to search this forum for keywords like Ethernet, Wixnet, etc. and start reading.

And experimenting with the sketch options…

@Gunner Sidenote:

From my experience it’s not the Ethernet adapter itself but the power supply that
makes the Ethernet adapter “flakey” :wink:
I have several Megas and Nanos with Ethernet running in my home network without any problems …

Completely depends on the situation/device… I had a clone W5100 that sometimes worked great, other times flaked out in differing ways. It was a proper top shield, so ran off the USB power of the PC, which was more than sufficient.

Forum debates on the subject vary from “works perfect” to “totally unpredictable crap:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just don’t want the OP to waste too much time chasing wild geese (and this is coming from an “Arduino is NOT dead in IoT” proponent :smiley: )

Thanks Gunner, IBK.
The Wiznet module I,m using is Wiz105SR, it is a 232 to ethernet converter, so the Arduino should be connected through serial to the Wiznet module, this means that the Arduino must use serial/usb blynk library, but the commands are arriving to the server by ethernet but with a serial format

My Chinese Ethernet shield works non-stop for 5 years already. No bad signs so far. It was the first device ever flashed with first Blynk library ever.

Will sell it on Ebay for many :dollar: some day :slight_smile:


You can try this example to start with…

The commands are received in whatever is the normal Blynk format… the Serial link is just between the Arduino and the Adapter… just like using an ESP-01 with an Arduino.

Sounds like a real keeper :slight_smile: Mine provided much stress relief when I tore into it with a desoldering tool and percussive persuasion :rofl:

Thanks Gunner.
I tested in the past the serial example, i will try to connect to local server with Ethernet to rs232 converters to see if it works.

thanks a again