Blynk will introduce paid subscription in Q1 2016



If you can do everything on your own, if you know how to code, how to design, how to write apps, and have tons of free time, then of course you don’t need to pay for Blynk or use it. That would be a no-brainer for me.

You should benefit from services somehow in order to justify their usage.

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hi, is it possible to pay per year?


@Francisco_Diaz: yes, surely


I appreciate the hard work you guys put into this, and I definitely think you guys transition into a very big and lucrative business. I haven’t seen any other solutions that compete. By all means, I think it is worth every penny. I was just stating there should probably be some scaled down solution for the economically challenged.

Maybe a tiered price structure would be best. I am very excited with where I think this is going. I would be more than happy to share pictures and videos. I host the workshops twice a month at local libraries in areas with kids from disadvantaged communities and schools.

I am new to tutorials, but I would be happy to record some and document every step. It will help me career-wise anyway to be able to show something like that on LinkedIn or in an interview.



I appreciate the hard work you guys put into this, i think yearly subscription is good idea.but the cost should be affordable. 2.5$/m is too much for me to pay.:disappointed_relieved:


Thats like 30 bucks a year. I think that is a fair price for the effective load of things you get control of with Blynk :slight_smile:


I’m super glad you all are going to start charging. I really like using Blynk and I hope you all continue to grow. Personally, I’d love a $USD 20/year plan for Full Box.

For a free plan, I could see what others have suggested where there are like 3 auth codes, but multiple projects in the app. Free users also might not get the same SLA/performance as paid users.

Just my $0.02.

Thanks for being transparent about pricing!


I would like to know the proposed costs of distributing completed apps?
For many ‘makers’ adding $20 per year to their low price projects for everyone that wants to use it will simply not work. Some projects are very cheap these days and adding $20 EVERY year to be able to use the project will not be accepted by end users. Users are used to having apps for free or a nominal one off payment. $20 per year is not nominal.
What are Blynk’s plans for distributing apps?


agree, such system’s must not be free, and 2,5 usd… sorry, guys it’s price of cup of coffee, if you developing something for you- you get free access, if you developing something for business (startup)- so, will you work for free in future? no, this people (developers) also need income.
However, only one what is not good- quantity of free project, limited to one, this could be a problem, because now you have a good feedback about lags and realized project’s - it’s free to try several hardware platform, and get some results. In case of limitation- developer will stack on polishing of one application, and payable customers will start to tell you " i pay- you must do it!"- it’s psychology, nothing more. My proposal is to allow at least 3 project, may be with limitation to Arduinio/Raspberry/ESP ( but not limited)


When I started looking for an app to control my project it was not easy. There was really only one that fit the bill, Blynk. I did find apps that were free (although they do not work like Blynk) and you know what I found? Outdated threads, no support, no updates. Blynk is a great product and solves a lot of issues for all of our projects. As has been stated before, no one works for free! Not to mention, if you want support and a continually evolving product, it will cost money because it takes time to develop it. I am sure the Blynk guys have given it lots of thought and they sure have always been willing to listen to their community. So, I can promise you, whatever they come up will be good for all.



:yum: I think I was the first to develop and share a Blynked project on my blog and a link in forums here! Cheers!


This would be perfect!


Hi, im a backer of blynk by kickstarter i paid for a full box of widgets. What i have to pay now? If i dont pay how can i use blynk? Im a bit confused im a maker and i use blynk to make projects in my home and tutorials in my blog.i dont think about sell them or obtain profit with it. Thank you for your work blynk is great.



You don’t have to worry about paid services. You’ll get them for free according to your pledge. Thanks for your support!

However, I’m worried to get such question from you because you should have received an email with all the details.

Please PM me and we’ll check why you didn’t receive it.


I discovered Blynk about a week ago and think it’s pretty great app, good job! I really like the fact that it can be installed on local server, I work for a large industrial company they would never allow something to connect to the cloud so its good to have the flexibility. Alot of companies get focused on the “CLOUD” and don’t build in flexibility of working outside the cloud. I have to say that i’m not a fan myself of monthly subscriptions but on the other hand i do think you guys should get paid for your hard work. I personally rather pay a higher one time cost for an app than a monthly fee, I think a month fee would be fine for some people but not everyone. I could see paying a monthly fee to have access to the app while developing a project. Once a project was complete maybe it could be published to an app store for purchase for a higher one time fee per device. Keep up the good work!


I would happily subscribe to support the efforts of the Blynk team. Let us know when it’s available.


hi @Pavel
i’m a backer and i don t remember seeing any recent emails from blynk. was this a recent thing?




Same here … Kickstarter backer and no mail :confused:




Guys, PM me your emails, I’ll forward it to you.


I recently came across Blynk while researching info on ESP WiFI modules. I’ve seen many attempts by small and large companies to make connecting IOTs seamless and I must admit Blynk has done a great job than most I’ve worked with.

Blynk has done a great job of communicating what their product does and how it can be used. Personally I think ~$2.50 / Month is more than a fair price. I would’ve expected $5.99 to $9.99. I notice you have a link on your page for business, I have to assume there will be a different pricing model for that?

I would love a see a white label option for business and api/sdk. Hopefully you won’t be as restrictive as the electric imp folks.