Blynk will introduce paid subscription in Q1 2016



Blynk is great, I have used it only a little bit and am a fan. Unfortunately, I would absolutely not pay $2.50 USD a month! Maybe if it was more like $10 a year, i would consider it. At this price, i would not be afford to use your service. I have nothing against paying, but your price point is too high.


I just discovered Blynk one week ago! I’m happy i learned about this new subscription before I get too involved in my project. I guess ill have to find an alternative…

Anyway this could be supported by ADS?


Maybe consider charging $1 a month instead?


I discovered Blynk about two weeks ago, the idea of a garage opener came to my mind, in a very short time, its almost complete.

I think Blynk is great idea, and I will not mind paying for it. I hope they will improve it . The iOS app needs a lot of work. For example, I’d like to be able to re-size the widgets, and hopefully we will see more widgets. There is plenty of room for improvement .

What else? How about be able to change the color of the Gauge based on some values? For example, if the temp is 65, from 0 to 65 = green, if the temp is 80, from 65 to 80 = yellow, if the temp is 95, from 80 to 95 = red.


@jeff.jones, glad to hear you like Blynk so far!

As I mentioned earlier, we will have a transition period, providing discount for a short period of time, specifically to make it more accessible for those, who is already using it.

who like ads? :smiley: Would you like to see a banner on top of your project? Or trying to control your robot or home and get a full screen ad? We hope you’ll like Blynk and will consider supporting us with a cup of coffee a month, or a bottle of beer once in 2 months.

Thanks for your ideas. All of that is planned. You can check the roadmap topic. Colored gauge would be a great improvement and it’s also on the list of our TODOs (it will be applied for other widgets as well)


maybe u could implement something like Tapjoy so that others can do survey and other things to earn 1 month subscription


I would really like to see a one-time full purchase option up-front. Something like $100. I think a lot of people might go for that option rather than a monthly fee. People generally don’t enjoy things that have a monthly subscription.


I love this app! Currently using it for home automation. I’ll happily support the developers with a large one time payment ($100 would be fine) but I would hate having to pay a monthly ongoing fee.

I understand it will be impossible for you to keep everyone happy, but I hope whatever you decide that it is successful for you. Keep going! Can’t wait for more features.

Thanks guys.


Full box=all widgets + lifetime upgrades and every time you add a widget or feature it is unlocked.
Yet there is a full box MONTHLY subscription. So how does that work? After a month of non-payment, the lifetime is not lifetime anymore?
I think I’m not the only one who is “confuzzled”.


until the EPS8266 connection issues are fixed. Ill surely not be paying for anything. Ill build a standalone web server version if it comes to it :frowning:


If you have an active subscription - you have access for all the widgets and features, even if a new comes out. If not - access is limited.

ESP8266 is a tricky thing, you know that :slight_smile: Most of the issues are mainly caused by wiring, not by Blynk. Yet lots of things can be always improved, for sure. Now we can’t afford own development of such libraries - that’s why we are dependent on 3rd parties and community. BTW, all our libs are open-source :wink: - you are welcome to contribute. We are ready to offer free access to our services for active contributors.


you wouldnt want me to contribute :stuck_out_tongue: im about 20 hours in to arduino coding.

Yes, wiring can make a difference, but many people are having the same issues with disconnecting. hopefully we can join together as a community and get it working :smiley:


Ask me how long I’ve been messing with that ESP’s. I think I destroyed about 4 in the process, but finally got it working somewhat stable haha.

Anyway, another thought, have you guys got a trial period planned with full access? Something like two or three weeks. It may be a good way to attract people, but they need some time to get things started in a decent manner, so it can’t be 3 days, lol.


I’m new to blynk but am amazed how easy it was to get my project going without coding. Thanks to this app I’m streaming data real time with control and feedback with a beautiful interface. I would gladly pay a large up front cost and a subscription if I can get more control over my project with increased widgets and custom scaling of feedback (decimal placement.) I paid $50 for the mobilink app for my home automation, plus a $80 yearly fee. Simple control (formerly Roomie Remote) costs me about the same for my A/V control. I use these services 24/7 These apps are continuously monitored, served, updated, and are an integral part of my connected home. If the exceptional staff at blynk would like to provide the same level of service I’m gladly willing to do my part and pay for that service. Thank you Pavel, and thank your team for me too, you have an excellent product and a service, for which you should receive payment.


Sorry Pavel, but I still do not get it.
What do your KS backers get and the ones from Oak who backed $21 (that’s me)? Is that converted into something like 10 months worth of subscription?
And after that, do these widgets in the “full box of widgets” become deactivated? If not, then I would only need to pay a subscription when I see a new widget I like, download it, then cancel the subscription again until another interesting one comes along.
What am I missing here?


2.5 $ это действительно дорого, особенно для Украины. Если это будет так, то мне придется забыть, что есть такой проект как Blynk и решать свои задачи другими способами. Я понимаю вас, что любой труд должен быть оплачен и это правильно. Думаю вам нужно более обдуманно подойти к этому вопросу иначе вы действительно потеряете большинство пользователей и все ваши труды станут напрасны. Здесь звучало много предложений как можно проект перевести в коммерческий. Я думаю, что должна быть фиксированная одноразовая оплата приложения в который входит базовые виджеты, остальные виджеты сделать с единоразовой оплатой, в зависимости от сложности и цена. Плюс покупка за добавление нового проекта. Так же можно сделать лайт и про версию ( с рекламой и без). И т.д…по крайней мере по такому пути идут большинство проектов на плей маркете ( тот же viber, runstatic и т.д., хотя может и не лучший пример, но смысл тот же) Разложите все предложения по полкам, соберите опросник на сайте и проанализируйте ситуацию.


You are lucky to be on a Kickstarter train, because you’ll get a free lifetime subscription :wink: Once we start paid services, you’ll get instructions on how to redeem it. We really value those who believed in us and supported on early stage. Thanks.

Thanks for your input. This is why we started this topic - to get feedback.
May I please ask you to keep using the same language within one thread. This way others can understand your comments. Thanks.

Introducing Blynk Energy - first paid services

BTW, we are thinking about providing active Blynkers, those who spread the word about Blynk by posting their projects and tutorials, with a free subscription.

What do you think about that?


I’m game, LOL.

We should start a religion :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I wouldn’t be so active if I didn’t believe in the product and the fact that you guys can deliver what you promised. If you gonna do yearly or half year subscriptions (also a good option I think, keep options open to get a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year subscription with a certain discount? Sounds good to me!) you can extend active Blynkers each half year with a continuation of their free stuff. If they aren’t active revoke it. I think there are possibilities there. Also to keep people active in the community, which usually is kind of a problem.


Выскажу свое,чисто субъективное мнение… Зачем платить за то,что можно сделать самому бесплатно? Особенно,если это домашний проект. Любой человек немного понимающий в программировании в состоянии на raspberry поднять php, js и mysql для хранения данных. Удаленная ардуина посредством http-запросов сбрасывает необходимую информацию в базу, так же и сервер отправляя http-запрос на ардуину может запрашивать необходимую инфу или управлять GPIO. По такому принципу построен мой “умный дом” и пару лет уже работает, хоть я и не программист,а так, балуюсь иногда для души :smile:
Blynk мне понравился,но платить за него я не готов…