Blynk Wifi manager vs other options

I have a project that is running pretty good. Needs some cleanup but what I am really looking for currently is a Wifi manager that will allow the first login. I have looked at Blynk Wifi Manager but havent had any luck combining it with my code. I have tried some other managers combined in and had some luck but not 100% reliable at this point. My question is, is the Blynk Wifi manager better then the others or more reliable, just because the code seem to be far more complex then the other examples. Also if someone is interested in implementing it for me I would be willing to hair some one to go through it and make it work with Wifi Manager. Mainly because I am a hack job at this, and even though it works. I am 100% sure that it is far from optimal.


What exactly do you mean by “Blynk Wifi Manager”?
Are you using Blynk IOT?
Are you using the Edgent examples?
What hardware are you using?


I am using Blynk, i am currently on the Pro tier. And using the Blynk IOT app. I am currently running the esp32 vroom as the hardware. The library that i saw used during my reading was Blynk_WiFiManager. I was trying to mesh in the Blynk_WM_Template and DHT11ESP32 under Examples. I will look and see what edgent is. I am not using that.

Also PeteKnight, i want to thank you for all your posts. Researching this i have read numerous posts of yours and you are an amazing help to the community

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The Blynk Edgent examples are included in the Blynk library.
Edgent handles WiFi provisioning, and OTA updates, so WiFiManager is not needed.
Provisioning is done via the Blynk app once the sketch has been uploaded to the device.


Also read this

Ok that seems pretty easy. I got my code integrated without errors and i can use the app and download the template etc. But it seems to not switch to my code. The terminal is printing wifi negotiation from the example not my code. The blynk cloud says its online. I would assume i am missing some sort of blynk connect. I have in the loop, but i have to figure out how to connect it so the sensors update now. Hummm… thanks for the help i appreciate your help

You’re welcome

Got it working with the custom board option. Something about the vroom board vs the wrover board. Changing that made it work. Thanks again for you insight. Hopefully this will make it commercially some time in the near future

@natedogg if you would like to use blynk commercially you can buy a pro plan or white label plan

Check this out :

I am currently on the pro plan. Trying to decide now if i should pay someone that actually knows what there doing to make it 100%. But i do think when i signed up for pro, the Blynk rep said they will look it over if i go White Label. So i might already have that covered. Just want it to be 100% before i actually tell people it works.

You’re right, I wish you good luck.

Have a great day.

1 more quick question. Where is the wifi credentials stored? EEPROM i assume?

Lol. See it that time. Thanks

You’re welcome buddy.

Yes, it is. Blynk WiFi Provisioning is used already for more than 4 years by many different customers. Some of the clients provisioned dozens of thousands of devices. And we fixed a huge number of pitfalls :slight_smile: in Wifi Manager.

However, even today, it’s not a 100% guarantee that it will work for 100% use cases. Because… well there are a lot of moving parts + things we can’t have control over like environment (Wi-Fi signal strength, firewalls, networking, etc)