Blynk whitout internet connection!

Hello to all.
I need to ask for some advice: how can I use blynk locally when there is no internet?
for example I made my home automation with blynk.
but sometimes I lose Internet connection. in this case I have to wait for the connection to come back
thanks for the answers!

Set up a local server.
You would need to make a minor change to your app settings when the internet is down, unless you run a local DNS server, but that’s very simple.


how settings i need to change?
if i make a blynk local server with raspberry ?
thank you for your advice!

Are you talking about the app change if the internet is down, or the overall changes to achieve a working local server setup?

If it’s the first then read this:

If it’s the latter then you have a lot of reading to do about setting-up a local server. Start searching.


Ok, now i wll read this, but if i want create a local server with a raspberry pi/ computer windows, when i don’t have internet connection ,it can works in local?
thank you for your advice