Blynk + Wemos D1 mini + WS2812B LED strip

Could someone point me to the right direction please?
I can’t find exact information like a step by step guide on using a WS2812B led strip via the Blynk app and a Wemos D1 mini.
I want to have just 2 button on the Blynk app one to start the action amd one to choose the colour like the ZebrRGB and when i press it the LED strip to change patterns in different colours.
I know i can create the patterns with the e.g. Neopixel or FastLED libraries etc but any suggestions are welcome because i want to trigger the patterns with the Blynk app. Another thing that i am not sure of is how for instance virtual pin V1 can be mapped to a wemos physical pin say D1 to control the leds.
Thank you in advance.
PS i searched the forum for similar projects before posting this but nothing i find is answering my questions and most of them are too complex.

No one will make it for you… and step-by-step guides don’t always work that well, beyond the dirt simple… because everyone does something just a little bit different, have different parts, different OS, etc.

You will need to go back to those existing projects you found and learn how the parts you want work.

It really is not complicated once you understand the basics… and those basics to control those strips (without Blynk) can be easily found on Google… Then from there is is a normal matter of learning the fundamentals of Blynk (timers over delays, etc), then merging the two.

Or just grab one of those existing examples in the forum and start pushing the buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

Check this one out

Dig through my recommendations, and that link I referred you too… put some effort into your own project and then we will be more then willing to assist when you hit some snags… just don’t start with the asking, start with the tryng.

This type of thing can be learned in the Help Center and by reading through the Documentation.

will it be the same with the ws2813b led strip,
it is 4pin with dual signal

Don’t know… thats more of a question for the FastLED GitHub site…

Try it and see.

I’ve done quite a bit of programming with WS2812Bs and I cannot think of a single use case where 2 data pins would be useful. What’s the point of this?

Another good G :eyes: gle question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Look it up and read all about it (PS, non-Blynk dependent issue)