Blynk Websocket documentation

I found blynk API documentation here:

But, I am unable to find web sockets documentation. It is kind of very confusing as various URLs are mentioned in community answers and no details about how to communicate.

I would like to know about it.

Any update on this one? Is any documentation available on blynk websocket?

I’m not sure what you mean by websocket? Isn’t the API enough to use? It seems unlogical to go and create your own web stuff when you can use a standardized API.

I was thinking of integrating with Node Red to maintain status etc. Other option would be to continuously ping at a certain interval which doesn’t sound good to me.

I read in documentation of Blynk server: that websockets are used under the hood so was curious if the documentation is available.

Let me know. thanks!

I’m not sure if that is documented but I don’t think so because it’s of no intrest for the “regular” user. The only thing closed source is the App, so if you look at the libraries and code of the Blynk server (which is available) then you could probably figure it out.

But it’s up to you if you think that’s worth the hassle :slight_smile:

Understood. thanks for all the help!

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