Blynk Website - HTTP API Link Broken (First location:

browser: Microsoft Edge for Business, Version 117.0.2045.36 (Official build) (64-bit)

[Send Data From Hardware To Blynk - Blynk Documentation](](Send Data From Hardware To Blynk - Blynk Documentation)

Section: Send Data Using HTTPs RESTful API
Broken Link: Send Data From Hardware To Blynk - Blynk Documentation


I guess the correct URL is:

I’m not sure why you needed two topics, with unnecessarily long topic titles, to report a couple of broken links in the documentation though.


@mspin thanks. Fixed. I broke it when changed the structure :frowning: recently.

Hi Pete,

I originally tried to create a single topic, but as a new contributor I was limited to a maximum of 1 link inside the topic description. My only option was to create (2) topics to provide the links and screenshots to both issues.
As for the long topic titles, the prefix of the title was identical to attempt to link the topics, and the url was added to bring clarity that the topic wasn’t a duplicate.

What would you have done?

I think the link limit is per post within a topic, so having a title of “broken links” and putting details on one in the first post, then the second in the second post within the same topic would have probably worked better.