Blynk webhook works on browser but not IFTTT

I’d appreciate any help with the following issue:

I have an esp32 that works just fine with blynk.

While trying to integrate it with Google assistant voice commands through IFTTT, my applets fail regularly.

However, the api commands work just fine when activated through a web browser

I used the following:

I’ve set method as GET

Content type as application/json

Further, is there any resource I can use to learn how to teach Google assistant to trigger the webhook Based on a voice command? Would be nice to not have to rely on IFTTT. Couldn’t find any myself

Hey there, have you checked this

I have. Manually setting the geographic area causes the webhook to not work for me ( but it works fine from my browser without the blr1 prefix

How did you configure the IFTTT action ?
post a screenshot please.

Here you are

Here’s my configuration, it’s working flawlessly.

It works fine from your browser because your DNS service resolves to the IP address of the Blynk cloud server where your organisational account lives…

The IFTT server that makes the API call could be located anywhere in the world, and will probably resolve to the nearest Blynk cloud server’s IP address, which will mean that the API call made from IFTTT will probably fail, because it’s hitting a different Blynk cloud server.

That’s why you need to include the subdomain for the Blynk cloud server where your organisational account lives.
That information is available in the bottom right hand corner of your web console screen, or in the “About” screen of the app.

Test the full API call, with the correct server subdomain included, and get it working, then paste it into your IFTTT URL.


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Much appreciated. I was able to fix the issue by just adding the regional prefix. I must have made a mistake in my initial testing.

For those looking for the solution, my webhook now looks like this:

Even more appreciated is the fact that you took the time to explain the “why” of the issue, not just the “what”

With this done, I’d like to try and see if I can remove the IFTTT middleman and get Google assistant to send the get command directly.
Are there any resources you could suggest that teach how to do that (if it’s feasible)?

I’m an Alexa user rather than Google Assistant, so probably not the best person to ask.

Sinric is one option, although I’ve never tried it.

I use Node-Red to facilitate the integration between Alexa and Blynk, and I know that there are Google Assistant plug-ins for Node-Red too - but as I said I’ve never tried them.

This topic covers my Alexa/Node-Red/Blynk integration…


You can try voiceflow which is drag and drop platform to create Google Actions or alexa skills quickly without coding.

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