Blynk wasn't online yet error

Blynk Motion Sensor Security Camera with Notification

Hey, here I am writing this topic for resolving my project errors.
I have successfully created the circuit and uploaded the code properly. But blynk is showing “Project wasn’t online yet error”.

Here is the website link, from where I am following this project from start to end. But having errors.

I request, Kindly anyone who can understand and let it resolve will be highly appreciated.

The serial monitor output (via your FTDI board) will give you some clues about why you’re experiencing this issue.

You are using the Legacy app, and if you’re using the Legacy cloud servers then they will be de-commissioned at the end of this month.
If you’re using a legacy local server then your issue may relate to how you’ve changed the. Example sketch to work with your local server, or how you’ve configured your local server.


Hi PeteKnight,
So how can I resolve this issue. Cause I copied everything exactly from this Project blog.

What can I do to prevent from this “Project wasn’t online yet” ?

What does your serial monitor show?


Hi PeteKnight,
I am using Blynk version 2.27.19, Its the older version. I downloaded its apk file cause its not available in playstore app.

The reason of downloading this older version, all the features & widgets are non paid and the tutorial is using this same version.
So does it work?

As I said, it will work for the next 26 days, then the Legacy cloud servers will be decommissioned.

If you want to use Blynk beyond that data then Blynk IoT is the best option for you.