Blynk.virtualWrite() cannot send float data

I am not sure if this is due to Blynk IOS BLE issue or not. But, the float data cannot be sent to the mobile app.

I am using Simblee module and IOS Blynk.

  float temp = Simblee_temperature(CELSIUS);

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V4, temp);

I have to change from float to int to get this working. Setting float to float temp=1.50; doesn’t work as well. It is not due to the Simblee_temperature() function.

What widget do you use for displaying?

Both value and labeled display are seeing the same problem.

So, what do you get actually?

I got a “stop”. No value or very old value from my previous int variable.

I think the problem could be the simblee platform. Simblee has a sendfloat function which was not used.

I have the same problem. Float not sent. Convert to int - is sent. What are these new things?

This is very old topic. Be sure to use the latest Arduino Core for your hardware (2.4.1+ for ESP8266 is required)