Blynk Version 2.17.0 Notification Sound not working

I split this off from the other thread as it seemed different. I just started using Blynk Notifications yesterday and I found an issue that persists in 2.17.0 with the Cloud Server and I believe the version before. Notifications do not play sounds on my Android Galaxy S7. When I go and select a new notification sound it then asks for permission to access the media and then it starts to work normally.

On the second Android phone Galaxy S5, with the same project the notification sounds do not work, but I didn’t see any way to give it the access to the files as the project is ReadOnly as expected. The issue seems to be Blynk App not knowing how to request the permissions to access the local media?

Which version of Android is installed on your Galaxy S5? Permission requests are supported by Android 6 and later, earlier versions of Android has no such feature. Also please check the setup of the notifications for the app/system.

ReadOnly project - is it a shared project? Your second device could have no same notification as on the master, so It is not playing it.

The Galaxy S5 has Android version 6.0.1

@BlynkAndroidDev I propose the Notification Sound should fallback to a System Default if the Sound is not available on the Read-Only Project Android phones?

It should, is it still not working? and Read-Only project is it a shared project?