Blynk two address email

oh ! I’ll try that now !!

no error, but no mail received, I think you need to specify SMTP somewhere!

no no, if i remove the address not send email

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I think so …

@Blynk_Coeur - sorry I’m using Cloud, not local :grimacing:
I would guess that local would work in a similar way?

That smtp settings are stored in and then in Blynk app, you can use To input box or if you remove from there, then to use email address set in sketch?

Because for me, using cloud, I have to remove email address from To input box, if not all email I set in code gets ignored and goes to “To” email address.

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that’s right, I use local server, and we can’t have 2 mail addresses

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I never use blynk email, I prefer to send SMS that work better :wink:

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mmmmmm …

i find online one solution , but not exists …

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