Blynk Temporary Program Override?

Hey all-

Is there any sort of ‘program override’ one can do with existing widgets? My situation is where I have a set temperature X that is doing it’s thing, but I want to use a timer widget that sets my slider value to Y for a period of time (say I’m out of town for a week), and then resumes to X after that period. I think this would be a great widget, but I’m curious if people have ideas on implementing it with existing widgets ideally in a way where a code change isn’t needed.


If you’re using Android then you could use the Eventor widget, but my preference would be to do this in code and have an auto/manual switch widget which switches between the two modes.

The only problem with this approach is that Blynk doesn’t currently allow you to activate and deactivate widgets via code. If you had this ability then the user interface could be much more intuitive, as when you selected manual mode additional widgets could be enabled to allow you to input additional criteria.
Without this facility, you may have to hide your additional manual controls on another tab, and be aware that they will have no effect during normal ‘auto’ operation.

Your manual controls would probably be setup to allow you to input a date range when the manual controls would be active, and a temperature that is used during this manual period. You may also want to have different hours when the heating comes on and goes off (maybe several periods through the day?) when in auto mode.