Blynk.syncVirtual(VPin) wont work for geofence VPin

Now I know that the new version is coming and this one wont get any more support, but maybe it is not a big deal for you to fix, or maybe I jsut dont see the reason for this not working as any other vpin.

So, today I tried to retrieve the stored value of a VPin . In this case, it was the value of the geofence vpin.

I can accurately view the value of the vpin on the app, but I cannot retrieve it on the hardware when I need it using Blynk.syncVirtual(VPin). I won’t receive anything. This means that if at the moment of the entry/exit out of the geofence area, the hardware misses it, or it gets restarted later(after the hardware successfully received the widget value change), the current value cannot be retrieved later unless the geofence gets refreshed by itself and that takes loong time.

Right now I used the eventor to mirror the value to a different vpin so I can reach it any time I need it. But, because eventor works only for a single device and it can be added just a single time as a widget, this workaround comes with big sacrifice. Eventor gets added just once for a single device. It would be nice if we could ad the eventor as many times as we need for different devices.

Many Thanks!