Hi Pavel, I was the one suggesting a slack for real time discussions of using Blynk software. Maybe not needed until you start making the apps available but something to consider. I am a member of a few public slacks - for example where we have almost 175 members now on the Free Lite plan

ps. Discourse seems to be the new favorite for forum software used at places like, upverter etc but personally I am not a big fan :frowning: but it’s your show :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of Slack personally, and never thought about using it this way. Thanks for pointing out.

We will stick to discourse for now, but I will consider Slack for future.

Back to the future - maybe now is a good time to invite Blynkers to slack?

Hey! I really like that Idea so I’ve accidentally ( didn’t really understand slack and that I can’t undo this ) claimed the domain so if the developers want to use it just ask :wink:

Sorry for bringing that topic to the top

We are on slack for a long time. PM me your email - I’ll send you invite

Ooh, could I join that chat as well?

anyone can, I just need your email address