Blynk SIM808 Module with Arduino Uno


Can anyone point me to the demo code for Blynk library with SIM808 Module on Arduino Uno reading Latitude and longitude from sim808 and printing on serial console or sending it to the app?

Thanks in advance.

NOTE: I believe this takes the GPS stream from the Phone (App), and thus needs the GPS Widget, and not from the SIM… as that is busy linking the MCU to the Server.

But you can Google for code to pull the SIM GPS data (if it has any) then just figure out how to integrate it.

Yes this is pulling from the phone. I could not find a could example that could retrieve data from the gps module itself. I am looking to retrieve data from gps module and show it on the map widget. Is it possible to point me to the same ?

For that you need to Google about your SIM and its GPS capabilities (if any) and find whatever code is needed (if available) then modify something like this example to feed in the data from that extra code to the Map Widget on a Blynktimer controlled basis…