Blynk serving 20000 devices at a time!

20 000

That’s the number of MCUs Blynk Cloud currently serves. Cool, isn’t it?

Thank you all for choosing Blynk! :wink:

Don’t forget to update to the latest version of App and Library.


How much server request per seconds??

@saurabh47 5500 req/sec at the moment.


I just wonder what is the dominant board type in blynk servers?

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The most popular is ESP8266, but I don’t think we can share more info than that.

This is satisfying,congrats by the way and keep blynkers happy :slight_smile: :clap:

@vshymanskyy why don’t you light up that xmas tree of boards :slight_smile:

Sorry, next time :slight_smile:

Hello Blynk Team,

I didn’t know they are “just” 20000, I tough they are much more devices connected. Hope you will stay available for the community for a long time and also be able handle 500 000 devices too :slight_smile: . You did a awesome job, providing this easy usable way to connect IoT to an mobile app. For me personally Blynk is the best App of the year 2016. Quite unbelievable with this humble funding at kickstarter. I was dreaming about a such system, before you came out with blynk.

PS: In case you you will come to Berlin, let me know I would like to invite you to have a good german beer together :slight_smile: