Blynk Server version v0.18.3 released

What’s new :

  1. Less dependencies and less size;
  2. Websockets code simplified;
  3. Eventor setPin action doesn’t change pin state on server fix;
  4. Webhook now can return response to hardware from GET requests;
  5. Logging refactored for less garbage allocation;

Deploy is planned for tomorrow. So all this features will be available from tomorrow.

Download link.


Tried Webhook GET from on a local server and tied it to a button on a virtual pin. Virtual pin is coded as:

  String webhookdata = param.asStr();

Pressing the button gives:


then disconnects Blynk. Is this because I haven’t set it up correctly or it’s not available yet?

What do you mean? Response from webhook widget may be not instant as server queries 3-d party server. Do you see some errors in log?

I will check the log but basically the WeMos drops the connection to the server.

The full Serial Monitor output when the button is pressed is as follows:

[1475010] Connecting to

Hm. That’s interesting. Let me check on my hardware. @vshymanskyy do we have some limits on incoming message size for hardware?

@Dmitriy is the following guess ok to get the data?

  String webhookdata = param.asStr();

For reference the size of the json data is around 353 characters.

Yeap. You did all right.

@Costas yeap… In debug

Packet too big: 357

@vshymanskyy please advise.

@Costas there also was a bug in server related to webhooks and your scenario so please update jar file just in case you are using it.

Ok I’ll pull down another copy.

What do we do with the 357 characters when we do get them?

Please use


@Costas I’ll update docs accordingly.

That’ll go nicely with the #define BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES 1400 I already have in the sketch.

Do I have to parse the 357 characters myself?

Yes :grinning:

@Costas If you have some ideas how it could be simplified further - you are welcome.

:joy: you know how bad my parsing is.

Confirming system doesn’t crash now I have 512 READBYTES but I don’t have anything to parse, just a 1 followed by a 0? Maybe it’s because I haven’t uploaded the new, new 0.18.3 server. Will try now.

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yeap, probably.

Working now:

{“results”:{“sunrise”:“3:34:07 AM”,“sunset”:“3:23:09 PM”,“solar_noon”:“9:28:38 AM”,“day_length”:“11:49:02”,“civil_twilight_begin”:“3:09:26 AM”,“civil_twilight_end”:“3:47:50 PM”,“nautical_twilight_begin”:“2:40:40 AM”,“nautical_twilight_end”:“4:16:36 PM”,“astronomical_twilight_begin”:“2:11:47 AM”,“astronomical_twilight_end”:“4:45:29 PM”},“status”:“OK”}

When I parse I will have to remember it is UTC.

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@Costas we will gather statistics of 3-d party service usages and for most popular we will create some wrappers so users don’t have to parse. However seems like webhook is rarely used feature so very unlikely this will happen.