Blynk Server version v0.18.2 released

What’s new :

  1. Fix for TimeInput and Sunset/Sunrise selection;
  2. Webhook supports now multi value pins;
  3. Export data not work via HTTP API fix;
  4. Ability to change mail provider;
  5. Simplified HTTP API;

Now instead of PUT request you can directly do value updates from browser. Like this :

or for multi value pin

same for setProperty feature :

HTTP API (setProperty not yet added). All this for local servers until we do next deploy.
Link for latest server


Thanks to all at Blynk for such a great system and support.
You guys are on the ball.
I do appreciate your hard work and dedication.


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All that working around for nothing! :wink: Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Great! So to be sure I understand, the new method for the http api is additional?
That is the old method is still valid with this new version?



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Is it deployed on Blynk Cloud server yet? Since I already try this command:

but haven’t got expected result yet…

It is not yet deployed.

Hi @Dmitriy
I am a little confused about server release deployment on Blynk’s servers.
Are Blynkers guinea pigs for the releases or is deployment for Blynk more involved than I think it is?

It depends on release. Usually we deploy right after release. But in case release doesn’t have nothing critical or urgent it could be delayed or even skipped for next version.

Hi, i think You got forget iphone users:)
is there any update in plans?
thanks for any info

You said that old method is also works, but in API documentation it changed (Getting values from pin was and now it

And when I try to write pin value via PUT http://my.local.server/auth_token/update/pin + parameters I have 404 error on local server 0.18.2. Via GET it works.