Blynk Server on VPS

High Every Member I Am Rohit .

PLS let me know how to implement / install Blynk Jar file on any VPS ? is this the same process like local.
If I install Blynk server(Jar file) on VPS is it Illegal?
I mean is it free license to use if I Install on my VPS (Ubuntu) and use it ?

Thanks In Advance
Rohit Roy.

Note, there may still be a few references in that document to older, no longer used, ports.

Blynk is free to use under for non-commercial, non-profit clauses…

Hi Rohit …aslong as I know Blynk server is free but Blynk app is not.

But if u install BLYNK SERVER JAR file on ur VPS and use it for commercial purpose then I dnt say anything clearly whether it will be illegal or unethical issue or not. may be @Dmitriy @Gunner or other senior members can say clearly about the uses of blynk server file on ur personal vps and its commercial uses…

Wow, based on your… lets call it “shorthand”… I am unsure if you are encouraging deceitful action or recommending against it :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sure Blynk has ways of determining if someone is grossly breaking their TOS and dealing with it on a legal basis. But the point of this OPs question and my answer (well the legality part) was simple clarification of the TOS documents location for the OPs own perusal and choice of action.

I for one, use Blynk and a Local Server for my own home use… perfectly “legal”… but if I charged you for time on my server, or made Blynk projects that somehow made me money or gained me vast notoriety and fame, then probably not “legal”. (disclaimer - being infamous for my sometimes scathing, sarcastic, commentary in this forum is NOT payment… just pure fun :innocent: )

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I am new in Blynk and understand that I can build my own app using blynk app and for this they charge a money but don’t understand why blynk provide blynk server file for local / vps ,. If it can be install in my own vps my question is (1) is it for own application purpose or can be use for commercial(the server file)? and (2) if it is not free then why some one will use a separate vps except blynk vps (free vps) and count money on it ?

and @devIOT what do you mean by " aslong as I know Blynk server is free but Blynk app is not."

by the way thanks to both of You for your response.

@rohitRoy Based on what I see and understand… Blynk makes a development system for IoT development and personal use… it consists of the closed source App, open source Library and Cloud Server access (or optional Local Server)

It is low cost with App energy sales to help offset Cloud Server costs and overall development, or even free with the extra effort of setting up your own Local Server… but this is for personal use and pre-commercial development only.

Obviously they have a business side that actually pays the bills and thus they do not want to give the whole cow away for free :stuck_out_tongue: So if you have need to make money using their system, you will need to licence it… and they will make a custom App that fits your needs perfectly.

As for why someone would want to pay another 3rd party Cloud Service every month and install Blynk’s free server on it, instead of paying much less for recyclable energy and using Blynk own Cloud Server… or just using the more common method of installing Local Server on their own RPi, PC or Linux box… who knows??.. People are strange :wink:

@rohitRoy By this I said that BLYNK server is free its means It will not charge u any money if u use it but BLYNK APP is not free it will give u some energy for free and then when u need more energy it will charge some money. and if u want u use it commercial purpose then it will charge U .pls see there plns/ rate for more details.But if u use blynk server on ur VPS/ local then u will get more more energy for free which will be more than enough for ur project. 2nd things is Blynk provide there server jar file may B bcos it will clr their own server load. its could be a reason…I am using Blynk server on my OWN vps more thn 6 month and its running succesfully without any issue…and @Gunner sir I respect u as a senior and ur r always rdy to hlp all members by ur very good technical skill ur devotion is highly appricabl but if any one think closely thn any one can understand that using Blynk if u bulid any hardware and try to marketize (commercial use) the product then he/ she unabl to compit the market due to there plns / rate ($) …bcos Sonoff is available under 4.32$ (1cnl) and 6.48$(4chnl) so no one will going to buy the product as it will b cost more & more aftr pay to BLYNK + manufacturer profit .So in other hand due to strategy of marketing(BLYNKRS) are “encouring people not Me…” But one thing I must say BLYNK is provide a vry good (GRT) platform for learning and implimenting IOT projects for own free purpose. but in other hand there business strategy (Make product using BLYNK & sell) is vry bad and cant survie… whatever I said its a real scenario I am not try 2 hrt / say anything against any one…

Hope I clr my slf

Oh, OK. I just thought you just wanted to know if it was legal to run a Local Server or not… Yes, it is… just not for profit :stuck_out_tongue: Do with that as you wish.

As for my opinion on the rest… not sure I really have much of one, as my going commercial with any IoT thing I make is not in any foreseeable plans. But I see nothing wrong with charging others who would otherwise use your free stuff to make themselves money.

PS the cost for Cloud use energy is dirt cheap… especially when compared to a single dinner out McDonalds… and much more recyclable :rofl:

It would be much clearer if you dropped the ‘SMS-speak’ and used plain English.
Some punctuation and paragraph breaks would also help to make what appear to be random ramblings into something clearer (maybe).

Comparing the cost of a Sonoff to the cost of a Blynk paid monthly plan is irrelevant, the import ant comparison is the cost of custom app/server side software development from scratch compared with the cost of Blynk’s paid plans.

The bottom line is that you can put a private Blynk server anywhere you want (home, VPS, AWS, the moon etc) provided you use it for your own personal (non-commercial) purposes.
I don’t see the logic of making your own personal cloud server in most cases, but it does rather depend on your own personal circumstances and needs.


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Ok! Ok! thank you everybody for sharing your knowledge’s regarding VPS of blynk server.@devIOT @Gunner @PeteKnight Thanks for your help.