Blynk Server on Raspberry Pi running Openelec - Noob proof

Thanks to @Lichtsignaal and Mr Roman from Openelec forum.

To install Blynk Server in a Raspberry Pi running Openelec follow this steps:

1- Download Putty and FileZilla.

2- Download the Java Development Kit HardFT.

3- Using, for example, 7zip, extract the JDK and you’ll need the “jre” folder.

4- Alternatively you can just download the “jre” folder I extracted from Java Version 8 Update 73 from my google drive.

5- Open Filezilla, go to “File”, “Site Manager” and enter the RasPi network ip, select “SFTP” as Protocol, Logon Tipe “Normal”, User “root” (by default) and Password “openelec” (also by default).

6- Connect to RasPi by SFTP and in root directory (storage) create a folder named “java”.

7- Put the “jre” folder inside the “java” folder.

8- Open Putty and connect to the RasPi. Introduce the following commands:

cd ~

touch .profile
echo "export PATH=$PATH:/storage/java/jre/bin" >> .profile
chmod +x /storage/java/jre/bin/java

9- After restarting you need to reconnect Putty and execute the following:
java -version

10- If all went OK you should get the java version installed.

11- Download the last Blynk Server java executable.

12- Copy the server “jar” file to /storage/java/ using Filezilla again.

13- Now, to make it autostart use Putty to enter:

cd /storage/.config
chmod +x

14- Use nano or open in wordpad trough Filezilla and copy the following code:

/storage/java/jre/bin/java -jar /storage/java/server-0.13.4.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk &



Uh… So many steps. Anyway thank you very much for sharing!

I have almost no experience in linux. I struggled for 3 days to find info on how to do this because most of the tutorials on how to install java on openelec were badly written. That’s why I opted to be very precise and describe the process step by step so that any other noob like me can get there easily. :slightly_smiling:

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This is very nice and probably exactly what I did to get it running. I just couldn’t find the right steps along the web (and been busy), thank you for writing this up @glorifiedg!