Blynk server logging

i have successfully set up a blynk server instance on my synology home server (ARM based) but the hard drives fail to sleep due to blynk’s logging. Is there a way to disable the creation of logs? Or maybe move them to a different location (e.g. ramdrive or usb storage)?
I am open also to other proposals :slight_smile:
By the way, how has this issue been solved on raspberry pi’s sd card based file system?

Hello, You need to change log.level property in file to off:


ok, done that and it works but the history files are still being saved. how can i tweak that? the “minute” files are stored on my drives which are still not going down…

Mmm… Reporting is supposed to store data on disk. At the moment there is no way to turn it off. At server start you can specify data folder with -dataFolder property so you can specify dir on SD.