Blynk Server is suported in Dragonboard 410C Qualcomm

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Someone knows if Blynk Server can run in Dragonboard 410C, Drangonboard 410C suport several OS like Android, Linux based on Debian 8.0 and Windows10 IoT.

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I will answer the way docs.blynk states: if it can run Java 8 env (either Oracle or OpenJDK) then it can. Debian 8 on ARM’s is known to be able to run both, so you are free to try :slight_smile:

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Thx!!! I Will Try,

Another question … Dragonboard 410C is hardware suported by Blynk?

Almost the same question. First off, if it will run Linux it probably can access GPIO similarly to a RPi (Just a guess mind you… I still haven’t figured out how to access the GPIO on the RPi myself :slight_smile: )

But as for precise answer on support:

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Off topic but regardless, Blynk uses “GPIO god” Gordon Henderson’s Wiring Pi to access the pins on the Pi.

@vshymanskyy has some Instructables for javascript on the Pi and

The first one includes installation of npm, onoff and blynk-library. From memory blynk-library installs WiringPi. Once you have done that you simply add a Pi device in the Blynk app and you have access to the Pi pins.

You can check whether you already have WiringPi installed with:

gpio -v

and the following gives you a graphical" representation of the pins:

gpio readall

If you are working with physical rather than virtual pins all you need to do to control them is run the following command from the directory where blynk is located (normally blynk-library/linux):

sudo ./blynk --token=YOUR_TOKEN --server=SERVER_DOMAIN_OR_IP

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