Blynk server delete history data sometime

  1. Add details :
    • ESP 8266
    • iphone and androind all ver
    • local server
    • Blynk Library version

Your question/issue is unclear… Are you seeing the actual deletion of data… or are you just thinking that is what is happening here?

I am not a developer, but to me it looks like the system is flushing the buffer data storage into the actual DB files as dictated in this command…

  • Period for flushing all user DB to disk. In millis

But then that is just a guess as I am also unsure what your screenshot is of anyhow… a log file or something?

More details may be needed.

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This is what blynk app show

and few days it is ok and than it is deleted again

@kocalka what server version do you have?

0.35.3 and before I use 0.34.0 and with same problem.

what is interesting is not all data is deleted. old blue data are ok but yellow old data are deleted.

Please try to update the server to the latest one and let us know if that helps.

I updated server to 0.36.2-java8 now.
I must wait few days becouse server delete the data after few days.

blynk server again deleted history data

@kocalka On what scale data was removed? Please show your superchart settings.

P. S. Have in mind - History Graph is no longer supported. (as I see it in your screenshots).

I change history graph to superchart and all scale was removed.

every time when data are deleted this log message is reported

How do you run the server?

like service on ubuntu server