./blynk-ser.sh: Permission denied

Hi guys, could someone help me with this problem please? I’m trying to set up Blynk via USB on my mac. Thanks a lot!

Add sudo in front of it and enter your password. You may need to install socat too, there are many tutorials on that on the web.

try sh ./blynk-ser.sh

This is what it says

@Vu_Xuan_Minh do you have socat installed?

Socat on OS X can be installed with: http://macappstore.org/socat/ this nifty little page :slight_smile:

Ok, you need to specify USB port.
sh ./blynk-ser.sh -c /dev/tty.usbserial
or similar (take port from Arduino IDE)

Is it my port on the arduino?

I have socat installed

No, the port in /dev on the Mac where the Arduino is connect which you need to specify as parameter.