Blynk-ser(ial) port to android

I want to be able to connect an Arduino Uno to my android phone using an OTG cable (this I’ve already tested with ArduinoDroid), then have blynk-ser running on my android phone to relay data to remote blynk server.

This could then be augmented to relay not only data from arduino but also mobile sensor data.

This would be great for mobile projects like wearables, automobiles etc. The mobile phone already has a power source and wireless connectivity, it just needs hackable IO pins.

All ideas go here now…

Thinking about this a little more (not much, just a little :wink: ) this is really not a Blynk specific task (the existing Serial-TCP method was actually borrowed from another 3rd party source).

So, since the Library already has a Serial connection option, and the phone already has the ability to connect to a server via WiFi, all you need is another 3rd party method for an OTG based Serial-TCP adaptor App or something… a quick (15-20 second) Google later and I found this…

USB Serial Port to TCP/IP Socket, UDP Android Application

Not sure if it is quite the right idea… but then as stated, only 15-20 seconds of search time invested :smiley:

you can also use putty on android phone