Blynk says "Device Offline"

Hi all, I am using a NodeMCU-12E along with the Blynk app on IOS 13.3.1. I am having a bit of trouble getting my phone to connect to Blynk as it says “Device Offline” or “Hasn’t been online”. I have tried my device on 3 different Wi-Fi networks and also used another phone to do this. Continues to say “Device Offline”. I am clearly connected to a Wi-Fi network as I have 3/3 bars on a 2.4GHz network. Help would be much appreciated! Cheers

Ensure that the sketch you have uploaded to your NodeMCU has #define BLYNK_PRINT Serial as the first line, and that the void setup has a line at the beginning that says Serial.begin(xxxxx) where xxxxx is a baud rate value.

With your NodeMCU attached to your PC, open the Arduino IDE, select the serial port used by the NodeMCU and open the serial monitor. Set the serial monitor to the baud rate used in your sketch then press the reset button on the NodeMCU.

You will then see debug messages which tell you what is occurring during the startup process, and will give you a clue where the problem lies. If it says something like “Invalid Auth Token” then you’ve mis-typed the Blynk Auth code in your sketch. if It cant connect to the WiFi network then you’ve mis-typed the SSID and/or password in your sketch (both are case sensitive).


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