Blynk Rest API - Get pin value

Hello everyone.
I have a very peculiar difficulty.
I use a local server in vps. server-0.41.6.jar
With the Blynk HTTP RESTful API, I integrate communication with another Rest API server.
The other server sends a request to the Blynk server.
The problem is in the response from the Blynk server. It includes the Vpin response in brackets and quotation marks: [“data”].
I need to remove this: [""].
for the blynk server to respond only with Vpin data.
Is this possible?

Did you manage to remove them? I’d love to know how… If not, can someone say if its even possible?

Yes, it’s possible by processing the result. It’s simple string manipulation in C++, but not a Blynk specific issue.


Hey Pete!
In some systems( like Homebridge) were its impossible to process the result and this API is used for ready-to-use-systems most of the times.
Also i believe its a bit odd that this even exists because most of the API’s Http results are without the brackets(1/0 pin output etc.), i understand how important this is in JSON file formats but i suppose its not even necessary for a single-value pin output.
Thank you for your time!

Maybe providing more context, like the Homebridge requirement, would have been helpful up-front,


Hombridge its just an example, my question was general if its possible form the blynk-side of things.
I believe that many others have that issue when they try to expand their blynk-based devices.