Blynk RaspberryPi - BrokenPipeError

Hi, I am trying to write (using BlynkLib library) and read (using Requests library - I couldn’t figure out, how to read the value from virtual pin using BlynkLib in python; if you know, let me know ! :slight_smile: ) from and to multiple virtual pins. Code is written in python, running on Rpi 4B. The BrokenPipeError appears in random times in random functions. I have no idea how to find the origin of the error or how to fix it. I am not sure, if I shoul provide the code here as it is quite long.

I would appreciate any kind of help :slight_smile: .Thanks in an advance !

According to documentation Supported Boards - Blynk Documentation
Blynk supported Raspberry Pi

And supported this board for JavaScript.

Please read

Does it support python, I don’t know



Posting your whole script might help.

I am not familiar with javascript so that is not an option for me.

The script has more than 600 lines, I dont know if it is even possible to post here.

This might help. The Broken Pipe Error is called when using blynk.virtual_write() function. Preformatted text

Not much.

In general, the brockenpipeerror occurs when you try to write data to a pipe or socket that has been disconnected, meaning the other end is no longer listening or connected.