Blynk, Putty, Local Server

How do I confirm Blynk is running on my Local Server using Putty?

As per the docs:

ps -aux | grep java

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Thanks Costas, does this mean its running or not?

I’m guessing not.

The Sl entries are the Blynk server and to be honest it looks like it’s running twice.

374 will be during boot and 1107 probably a manual request by you.

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That helps. :+1:

It was and yes the second was a request by me, while trying to figure out if it was running.

Thanks Costas …

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I also see that double reference with different ID numbers, SI, whatever :stuck_out_tongue: and have for many months… even though only called once by /etc/rc.local. Killing one kills both.

I have inquired with a Linux expert, but he hasn’t been around for a few days…

EDIT - Hmmm, OK, I guess based on @Shadeyman’s image, that seeing two references per ‘server’ is normal? OK, I can sleep soundly again :stuck_out_tongue:

@Gunner you only have one Sl in your image, right?

I guess… I haven’t really researched how it is supposed to work/look… but since it ran fine, it was more a peeve than issue.

in my raspberrypi system
ps -aux | grep java does not show BLYNK process
but ps -fu pi shows