Blynk push button issues

I’m going to control a WiFi controlled car via WiFi in blynk application. So I used 4 push button for 4 motor each.
The problem I’m facing is that the push button sometimes working as normal switch like button. When I press the push button it’s turned on and when I release the button also it’s Been in on condition.

So I checked and found that, when I pressed at the corner of the push button in the blynk application, the push button is always on. So I need to press again for off the State
Is there any other solutions ??

Thankyou in advance☺️

Well I was going to say you just need to change the switch type from “switch” to “push”, but thought I would try pushing the button in the corner as you mentioned. It seems that you are correct, if you press the button in a corner it acts like a switch regardless of the type.

I am sure a few others can confirm this behavior, but it appears you may have discovered something. To be honest, I am surprised this has not came up before.

On iOS latest beta I can’t seem to replicate this. Maybe android only?

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I am using android. It seems you have to push right on the corner, almost off the button. I can get it to do it pretty consistently.

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Not an issue with older IOS app. On another note why don’t you use the joystick control instead of 4 buttons?


Interesting… I can also duplicate this action with the Beta App (on LG G6)… but only sometimes and only when pressing on the side or corners closest to the screen edge… see the orange buttons (all set to momentary push)…

@BlynkAndroidDev FYI

Yeah. I don’t know how it worked before.
But this kinda button makes confusion while controlling.
Is there any other solutions you found out ??

Yeah that’s a good idea.
But I need to program it for every button with motor.
So that only I go for push button.
Is there any other solutions you found out ?

Yeah. In iOS application it’s working fine. Think so there is an issue with Android application

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Was wondering if this has been looked into.

Sorry guys, missed this thread. I will check it. Is it happening on different Android versions?

I can replicate this on Version 2.27.7 - Samsung S7 Edge

Looks like the issue is fixed, after some internal test we will release it firstly into beta channel.

It was really hard to reproduce this issue on my devices, but probably it can be reproduced more often on other devices.

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Just released into beta a fix for this case and a fix for a case with image widget’s blink while changing images. Should be available under same version ‘2.27.8’ in 4-8 hours.