Blynk Protocol & state machine description docuements

Hello ,

I would like to add Blynk client support on a working project fully C written and based on an MSP432 + CC3120 platform.
My target is to implement the minimum subset of features to have the minimum footprint as possible.
I tried to search for documents that describe how blynk works but I wasn’t lucky .

Is such documentation available ?




Thank you Pete for your fast reply .
I already dig into the forum looking for good and complete source of tech info but I’m stuck with a broken link that point to

If you have a working link to share this is really appreciated .

Tnx Paolo

Apparently you didn’t follow the link above…

Thanks Gunner,

indeed the link you provided refers to \blik-server\ while the link I found on the forum points to the broken \blink-library\ .
That said , the info reported on the link you provided are a subset of what I’m looking for but are a good starting point .

Thank you,