Blynk project and MagicMirror2

I have a few projects made with Blynk for my home automation and i looked for a way to interconnect this projects with my other project MagicMirror².

This is what i’ve made.

This is a beginning, there is room for many other improvements but I want to know what you think?




Coooool! I’m thinking this days about building a desktop app for being able to see blynk on my computer, but this is way cooler!

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This is very cool. I love this project and follow it for a long time.

Parsing is cool, but maybe it would be easier to use Blynk HTTP API?

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I’m glad you like this project. I’ve inspired from the Blynk HTTP RESTful API.
I’m a beginner in programming but i think my implementation is the same thing.
The Blynk HTTP RESTful API body response return a json as in my case.
If I’m wrong, please correct me, I’m open to any suggestion

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is nice project but his show OFFLINE ,

var config = {
    modules: [
			module: "MMM-Blynk",
			header: "Blynk Project",
			position: "bottom_right",
			config: {
				authToken: "1234567890",
				displayType: "box" // options available are 'box' and 'simple'.  


@PeteKnight probably should lock this on too

I’ll leave it for a while. @Vali hasn’t visited the forum for 18 months, but maybe tagging him will get him to respond and he wont be able to do that if the topic is locked.


In authToken you must enter authToken from your project.
To check if your IOT device is online enter in browser this
Replace XXXYYYZZZ with authToken (something like this da42f8d195eb47b2abcbd1273d136905)

For the moment is all I can do for you.

Thank you mulțumesc