Blynk Private Server OTA over GSM - GET request not working

Hi, I’m currently running a Blynk Local server and have spent almost 2 years now playing with parameters and even creating a SQL database around it to help visualise the data. Currently, I’ve managed OTA updates seamlessly with the provided Blynk.Inject() templates included in blynk-library v0.6.1 on WiFi-enabled boards.

Now here comes the issue, recently I’ve needed to revert of GSM enabled boards to sustain my connections at certain sites. I’ve managed to connect these boards, but have not managed to get the OTA updates working. I’ve followed a process mentioned in this post ESP32 LilyGo GSM module OTA possibilities and modified it to be compatible with Blynk’s OTA state.

Currently the process stalls at the point where it needs to post the GET request to download the new firmware. I am unsure if this might be because the Blynk Local server was never built to enable such functionality, i.e. responding to GET requests with binary files, or I’m just not using the correct calls to do soo.

I am aware of the link the server generates and sends to the board to download these binary files but can’t seem to get my board pointed to the correct location to download them via a GET request.

Any assistance would be appreciated and I’m willing to post all of my code if this seems like a possibility. As of now, I’ll first need to remove sensitive information if this is requested.