What is #define BLYNK_PRINT Serial? I have gone through the document. It is given like this:
“Defines the object that is used for printing”. I got its purpose. But what exactly is it? are we creating an instance or macro variable?


i think that actually it just includes / excludes the serial prints from the final machine code while on compile time.

the compiler looks for the define, and if it present, enables the afferent serial prints.
this is why one can save memory if disables, because strings use a lots of space.

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It is just a redirection of built in Blynk “status prints” like the ASCII Logo and [millis] time stamped messages like “Connecting to…”, etc… that you can have printing out on the Serial monitor port of your choice. The IDE serial monitor via the programming port or to another terminal using a TTL-USB adapter etc.

Once you are ready to move your device from the benchtop to the field, it usually becomes irrelevant and could be removed.