Blynk Pricing

Hi Blynk team,

You have made changes to pricing again on Pro plan
So you will no longer charge for users?
Only charge will now be for number of connected devices per month?
I do like this change. Make more sense, in-line with similar platforms. Blynk is the best and most customisable, best app builder experience.

Will this now be locked in for some amount of time or is there plans to make more changes?

Pricing for pro and plus is spot on

Are the current extra devices prices quite cheap?
IMO they are too cheap and devalue the platform. When researching other platforms they are much much more expensive

Up to 100: $99 /month - 99c device per month
Up to 500: $149 /month - 30c pm
Up to 1,000: $229 /month 30c pm
Up to 5,000: $349 /month 6c pm

Lol but controversial saying too cheap.

Also on free plans run banner ads if you do not pay for the product you are the product
Ie face book
YouTube premium


The plan is bounded to the device count and user count == device count. So the minimal PRO plan has 40 devices and 40 users limit. If you reach some of the limits (devices or users) and you need more you need to upgrade.

Looks like.

Our main goal is to convert PRO users to White Label users. In case PRO user is successful with his product he is most likely to become a WL client. That’s the plan.

Won’t work for us. The market is too small and we’re not a monopoly like YouTube and without the millions of investments we can burn for the growth.

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Hi the pro plan users is still 20users or the update has not taken effect yet

It works for new users. For the existing users, it requires some migration that will be done in the next week or two.

Okay thank

I have 3 questions please

  1. Let’s say a client buy my device and I add him to my organization. can he share his device control among his family at his end

  2. If sharing it with his family is posible will it reduce my User subscription

  3. Can that device work with voice assistant at his end

  1. No, you would need to use Sub Organization in that case (which is part of PRO plan) if you want your end-user to be able to share the device with his own family.
  2. Not sure what do you mean. Do you mean your limits? Yes, your limits will be used in that case.
  3. Yes. But this is not yet implemented on our side. We have this feature for White Label clients, but make it work for blynk cloud is not hat trivial, so we need some time.

OK thanks

About question 2

I mean when the client share the device
access to 5 people of his family members will this 5 users be subtracted from my 20users subscription or is considered as 1

They will be subtracted from your total quota.