Blynk powered beer micro brewery

Hey guys,

I made an automated all grain brewery with blynk for just 100 €/USD.
I made a shitty video showing it off:

But I also wrote a very elaborate instructable that shows you exactly how to make it!

Feedback on the project and the code would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great weekend guys :wink:


blynk app won’t scan the qrcode for this project - i tried on-screen and also printed it out and held my phone steady over the image for 5 minutes.

anyone else have this issue? have any ideas for another way to clone this project?


@bitflung do you see some errors?

no errors - it just never successfully scans. i see my camera focus in tight, then focus out, then in tight again… maybe the autofocus (phase based) is causing issues?

edit: back when i tried to scan this I had printed out the QR code. i just retried it (there have been several blynk updates for android since then) and it worked fine. had to buy some more energy, but happy to support the project :slight_smile:

on another note: i can’t seem to find the qrcode here on the site anymore. that’s odd… glad i printed it out when i did.
EDIT: sorry, nevermind. the QR code is at instructables and my adblocker was preventing the ‘all steps’ link from working properly. i found it again.

I am having the same problem. I cant scan the QR code. I suspect the focus on my phone cameta is messed up. Is there another way to get the code into blynk?